You're close!
You could be just a few steps away from being able to invest your Super in Property

Over 80% of people who come to us hoping to buy a property don’t have the minimum amount in their Super to purchase yet. So over the last 12 years, we have established a simple pre-purchase option for all of those Aussie families with $80k or more, to also invest in major national house and land development projects, through a Property Fund.

One of our Super specialists will review your information and get in touch with you in the coming days to chat about your investment.

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Based on the information you filled out, a great option could be choosing to invest a portion of your super into a Property Fund. You may be able to pool your super together with other hardworking Aussies and as a collective invest in a property project. The associates we work with within this space, aim to make double-digit returns for their investors and this could include you too.

Meaning your super could work harder for you and get you closer to your goal of owning your own property, sooner.

The below video from one of our Associates explains a little more about this concept: