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Time to smash some stereotypes! Learn how young adults are proving that property investment isn’t just for the wealthy or the older generation. Get inspired to take your own leap.

New Pathways

The traditional routes to homeownership have changed, but the dream is far from dead.

Real Stories

Meet young couples who've successfully entered the property market and are building equity.

Seize Control

You don't need a fortune to invest in property, just the right strategy.

Feeling stuck? You don't have to be. Find out how young adults are transforming their financial future through smart property investment.

Discover the strategic vision of South-East Queensland’s Regional Plan 2023 Update and its impact on property investment opportunities. Explore the future of SEQ’s property landscape.

Your Guide to the 2023 SEQ Regional Plan

Explore the dynamics of the South East Queensland Regional Plan 2023 and its impact on property investment.

The Strategic Vision of South-East Queensland's Regional Plan 2023 Update

Explore the future of SEQ's property landscape.

The National Challenge of Providing Affordable Housing

The affordability crisis is multifaceted, involving factors such as wage stagnation, rising property prices, lack of housing diversity, and urbanisation pressures.

Whether you're a seasoned investor or a first-time buyer, understanding these opportunities can help you navigate the property market with confidence and foresight.

Imagine a future where every Australian can retire in financial security, where the tick-tock of the retirement clock isn’t a cause for concern but a countdown to a well-earned rest. PWF’s comprehensive guide brings you closer to that future. We delve deep into the complex landscape of Australian retirement, exploring critical aspects such as:

The Superannuation Story:

From its humble beginnings to the complexities of gender disparities in balances and the need for a more direct solution.

The Age Pension Reality:

How far does it really go in ensuring a comfortable retirement?

Investment Insights:

Strategies to fill the gaps where pensions and superannuation fall short.

From the latest findings by ASFA and ABS Census to the nuanced challenges facing different demographics, we equip you with the knowledge to forge a fortified financial future.

As Brisbane prepares to host the 2032 Olympic Games, the entire city is expected to experience a wave of transformations. These projects will improve connectivity, increase employment opportunities, and enhance the overall lifestyle offering, factors that are bound to attract more residents and, in turn, stimulate the property market.

The Immediate Impact:

A surge in infrastructure development and urban planning, creating new investment hotspots. 

Long-term Benefits:

How the Olympics will shape Brisbane's identity and growth, leading to sustainable appreciation. 

Investment Strategies:

Leveraging the Olympic opportunity through informed investment in emerging areas. 

From understanding how to position yourself in the market to identifying the potential investment gold mines, this blog offers a comprehensive guide to capitalise on the Olympic wave.